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I need a clear answer here… in monster hunter now does braking certain parts make it to where you can get rarity 6s in the broken rewards? Or can you break any part and still get rarity 6s in the broken rewards? Does breaking certain parts just increase your chances?

Hi @DIABLO477,

The short answer is:

  • All Basic Rewards slots can drop any material that the monster can drop for the monster strength you slay it at. The 5th Basic Reward Slot that occurs rarely in HAT hunts is the same, though it doesn’t appear to ever drop R1s.
  • Broken Part Rewards only drop the materials that can drop from the part that was broken. For exampe, if you break Pukei’s Head, you can only get what its head can drop. The order of the broken part rewards shown in the hunt report follows a specific order, not the order of breaking, which I will not go into detail here.
  • Different body parts drop different materials. There are online resources to find out about this, so I will not go into detail on this here.
  • Broken Body Parts are not observed to influence Basic Rewards, and vice versa. Hunt performance doesn’t appear to matter too, and neither party size.

In short, if you want to maximise your chances at getting a specific material, other than simply slaying the monster for the 4x rolls in the Basic Rewards, you need to find out which body part can drop which materials and focus on breaking the body part for more rolls at the material you seek.

For some monsters, the R6 are in twin body parts (e.g. horns, wings), which you can break both for +2 chances to roll an R6.

As always, it’s all RNG based on pre-determined chances that do not appear to be influenced by factors other than breaking the associated body parts for the associated chances at dropping the desired material.

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I was hoping a dev would reply… in one for the Facebook groups I’m on someone posted a screen shot of the dev saying other wise yet tons of people stick to what your saying… so I wanted something irrefutable because im quite certain I’ve gotten 6s for breaking forlegs on kulu and things that that on others could be wrong i suppose but it’s driving me crazy lol

I’m not saying that what you saw was wrong, but it can be the case that you were shown incorrect information because of how the game works.

If you’re in a group hunt, and multiple body parts were broken at the same time as the final hit that killed the monster (e.g. Player A broke the head and killed the monster in the same hit, and Player B broke the forelegs and killed the monster in the same hit), the server can only accept one of the possibilities (there can’t be 2 fatal blows), and if it chose Player A’s scenario just simply because their data reaches the server first, then Player B will think that they broke the forelegs when what’s actually broken is the Head, and if an R6 drops for them in the broken part reward (notice that there would only be 1 part broken, not 2), then Player B has all the reasons to think that the forelegs dropped an R6, but the actual fact is actually that the server judged that the head was broken instead and was showing Player B the reward for breaking the head, which happened to be an R6.

But I have also had reports from players that encountered such a problem (with video proof), that they broke a part in a solo hunt but the body part dropped an unexpected material (it was an R2). I can only think that the server had an error at that point.

However, such reports a very few, compared to the reports that follow what I said. If there’s an error on the server’s part, I will not be surprised that it’s just due to errors when the app is communicating with the server and resulted in some errors.

By the way, during closed beta, I had an official response to the same question, and the response, in short, was that “it’s random”. However, “random” is a vague term. Technically, all the drops are random. But they never specified random-what? They never specified which body part can or cannot drop which material. I believe this is something that no devs ever divulged. If the screenshot said that “it’s random”, then that answer alone doesn’t actually answer your question. “It’s random” refers to how it drops, but what you’re asking for is “what can drop”, and “it’s random” is not an answer to your question.

I’ve been collecting material drop data as well, and over 58k hunt reports from 210 players (with 47k hunts with reported part breaks), it is clear that specific body parts drop specific materials. Even R1 drops are different for some of the monsters (e.g. you can only get Fangs from Girros Head). These are based on hunters’ reports.

mhn dot quest get their data from other sources, and they are also showing the same thing as the observed reports. Therefore, we have little reason to believe that a e.g. Kulu Forelegs will actually drop R6 when no errors were registered with the server.

For perspective, the 8* Kulu numbers from my drop rate project:

  • Head. Total 1345 breaks. 27.88% Scale. 28.48% Hide. 28.77% Beak. 0.00% Plume. 12.04% Primescale. 0.30% Primehide (4). 2.38% Shard.
  • Forelegs. Total 406 breaks. Same order as above, 33.25%, 32.27%, 0.25% (1), 24.38%, 0.00%, 9.61%, 0.00%.

My project filters out outright errors (e.g. broke 3 parts but only reported 2 rewards, or reported a shard drop from a 6* monster), but cannot distinguish real reports with unexpected drops/breaks from erroneous reports that reported wrong part breaks or even incorrect entry. I believe that 0.30% and 0.25% reported drops are cases of incorrect reports.

Before anyone argues that “it means those parts could drop, but just at a much lower rate”, my counter question would be, why would you want to focus on a body part that drops a material 0.25% of the time when you can focus on a body part that drops the same material for 28% of the time?

And back to the earlier writing above… How can we be sure that what we’re seeing in the hunt reports are completely accurate, with no possibility of error on the game or server’s part (or even our own as we do not have perfect perception, memory, and recall)?

But the numbers speak for themselves, and the reported drop rates along with non-observational sources of data points to the scenario of “each body part drops specific material as broken part reward”.

I’m not invalidating your experience with that forelegs break, but if it’s just one occurrence out of the many forelegs break, coupled with the reasons I’ve written above, we cannot exclude the possibility that we’re victims of some kind of error somewhere. The drop rate project was created to dissolve that kind of frustration so that we don’t have to be concerned about this and just focus on enjoying the hunts and breaking the corresponding parts for extra rolls for the desired drops.

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