Monster Suggestion : Yian Garuga

Thoughts of Adding Yian Garuga

  1. The Monster :
    Yian Garuga is a hyper aggressive avian monster. It shares a lot of moves as the Rathalos and Rathian, but it has more beak related attacks (multiple pokes, heavy slam poke) and a unique “sonic” scream attack.

  1. The Equipment:
  • Weapons: Poison Weapons with Affinity
    Poison weapons need to be high level to make up for the downtime when the poison does not proc (trigger). The weapons having affinity would help even out that damage so there will not be a complete dependance on the status effect.

  • Armors:
    The main reason I recommend the monster is for the weapons to be honest, but to ignore the armor stats would be unfair. The possible set abilities we could see happening are as follows: Critical Eye or Weakness Exploit, Earplugs, Poison Attack, Poison or Fire Resistance.

  1. Justifications
  • Stronger Status Effect Weapon options
    could help improve the current position of this weapon type.

  • Adds another water weapon target.
    The list of monsters weak to it are: “Anjanath”, “Kulu Ya-Ku”, “Tobi Kadachi” and “Great Girros”. “Basarios” too in the near future, but almost half these targets are personally not worth hunting so it downplays the necessary investment to get water weapons to a high level, in comparison to Lightning or Ice weapons that are key to apex monsters like the “Zinogre” and “Deviljho”. The upcoming “Kushala Daora” is typically also weak to Lightning and Dragon (but having Poison makes the fight a bit easier).

  • Armor Aesthetic; the armor sets are plated, purple in color and have an ancient Chinese general look to it.