Driftsmelting Result Survey 漂移錬成結果調査

Hi everyone!

I have opened a project to collect Driftsmelting results so as to help identify the likely probabilities of getting any of the Driftsmelt Skills and the probabilities of the Bonus Parameters.

The survey and collection form is in English only, but please contribute and submit your driftsmelting results if you can understand what’s written in the result collection form.

The survey form is here: https://forms.gle/psqteCC3i7QNcBFQA

The survey result is here: MHNow Driftsmelt Result Survey - Google Drive

Please be truthful in your submissions and submit all results regardless of whether it’s the skill you want or not. The result is for the community, by the community. Any malicious submission will only serve to render the survey result useless and not help the community. If you submit only the “good” skills, the result will be biased and also not paint the correct picture of the actual acquisition rate for the community.

Thank you! :pray:t2:







提出内容は正直に記入し、欲しいスキルであるかどうかに関わらず全ての結果を提出してください。 この結果はコミュニティのために、コミュニティによって収集されます。悪意のある提出は、調査結果を無効にし、コミュニティの役に立たなくなります。良いスキルのみを提出すると、結果が偏り、実際の取得率を正確に反映しなくなります。