Question about biome

Is there any bigger map where I can know what biome is at location further away around me, than what is available in the game map without needing to walk further to find out? As the biome is changing randomly, I need to walk around blindly and hope I can find the biome as I walk further away. At times, I need to walk quite a long distance before I can get to it, and at times, even after walking a long distance, I don’t find it. Can anyone advice? Tnank you

I remember someone had previously requested for a wide-area map. Unfortunately, it does not exist at this time.

(PS) The topic has been found.

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Thanks for the reply, it is really frustrating to have to walk a few km and later found that the biome I am looking for is not in this direction. Before the biome becomes random, at least I know which direction is having what biome and how much resource field there is, so I can efficiently plan my walk either after work or during exercise time. Hope Niantic can include this wider area map to cover maybe 3km to 5km around my current location.