[Fixed] Issue notice about the monster appearing/[解決済]モンスターの出現に関する不具合のご報告


(4/9 22:33 JST update)
We are rolling out the V74.1 app, which fixes the bug that caused monsters not to appear in some countries and regions.

  • It may take a few hours for the update to be available in all regions.
    Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your patience.

Hunters, we are aware of an issue where monsters are not appearing after updating to the V74 app in some countries and regions. We are currently investigating the issue and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please wait a while for the problem to be solved.

(4/9 22:33更新)ハンターの皆さん、一部の国と地域でモンスターが出現しない不具合を解決したV74.1アプリを配信中です。



I still have no monsters, i look on the play store and says i can update but fails install every time. Ive been trying periodically since yesterday morning and still having this issue. Im in some facebook groups and everyone saying its fixed now but still not working for me.

Im finding it very difficult to find any information on this issue. My phone has plenty of storage, i cant see any problems my end.

Did you clear game cache and try downloading again?

Hi there! I understand you’re unable to update the app from the Play Store.

I’d like to share some resources that might help resolve this issue for you.

Please refer to these Google Support articles:

Fix problems downloading one app

Fix problems downloading apps with basic troubleshooting steps

Hope this helps!

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