Radobaan 7*-> 8* using lbg

Somehow i can flawlessly avoid radobaan atks when its <8* but i guess the bone comes out more/different at higher *s because i can never clear it then. DPS aside, anyone else can confirm that the atks have additional/different hazards?

Also, anyone knows the breakdown on how an legiana lbg user should be positioned for each atk?

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Pukei bow user here, but I guess it’s not to different for Legiana LBG given its spread shot being the limiting factor on how far you can be away from Radobaan.

Generally, standing slightly to the side and taking out one of its hindlegs to topple it would be the faster way to opening up a weak spot for you to capitalise on. While it is wreathing on the ground, focus fire on the broken hindleg all the way until it dies.

Yes, you’ll be missing the headbreak for the shard, but at this point, guaranteeing a kill is better than trying for a headbreak, which takes longer to break than the hindleg.

As for the bone spikes, it seems to me that the number of spikes get lesser as you break more body parts. Which parts, I cannot say as I haven’t experimented on it, but I do notice that as the hunt drags on and with more parts broken or damaged, the number of spikes get lesser.

Also, when it is starting to roll, unless you’re within range of its first roll, continue attacking it and aim to evade it at the last moment (a PE will be great to help you replenish your ammo) in the hopes of toppling it, which opens up a huge window to pelt more damage at a broken hindleg.

If you dodged the first roll and find yourself standing at its tail end, don’t bother rolling any closer—just shoot the tail within your optimal range. Doing 90% damage to the tail is better then spending the time getting closer and not doing damage, especially if you have not broken any body part at that point (which means the tail is the most vulnerable body part to you at that point).

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your input, and i can see your points. But specifically my issue is that positioning and timings that are usually safe for radobaan at lower tiers, are no longer safe when i try 8*.

And this feels different to simply being “things are faster” so adjust timings. Do you notice anything similar? Or does your strategy with the bow avoid atks reliably ?

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I share your observations. It was indeed tougher at 8*+, and I struggled against it for a long while.

One day, somehow, I suddenly began to be able to see the spikes and evade accordingly. I guess I died enough to finally be able to see the spikes and feel its timing before I actually saw it :joy:

Position-wise, I’m afraid that can only be demonstrated with a video, but I don’t use Legiana LBG, so I cannot share that with you specifically. However, I have an old video of me fighting a 9-star Rado on 10.4 Pukei. See if this helps you in any way: https://youtu.be/-7hD4e_2Gs4

I have no hopes of breaking any part of a 9-star Radobaan with a Pukei Bow, so I focused on dealing maximum damage however I can, with Poison helping to close the gap.

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Honestly glad to hear im not gaslighting myself to think the bone spikes are different! Yes ive been trying to find videos to “study”. Thanks


I believe they are slightly different as the strength gets higher, but I’m not certain if there’s a significant difference between 7-star and 8-star. You can try recording videos of your attempts against a 7-star and an 8-star and see if there’s a difference.

All the best in your hunts! :muscle:t2:

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Hi @Naeva, I just captured a hunt against an 8-star Rado with my 7.5 Legiana Bow: https://youtu.be/h5gNguRaXwQ

This is how I’d typically hunt it these days, though I’d use my 10.5 Pukei Bow for an easier time and for breaking the head, but I wanted to show that it’s possible on a 7.5 Legiana Bow too using the strategy I described earlier.

Also, if you can bait it to use the sleep gas attack after you have broken its hindleg, that’s a very long window for you to fire everything at the vulnerable hindleg without it moving at all. But I think you probably has to stand somewhere close enough to its side, around where I am in the video, to get it to do the gas attack. I never quite understood the exact trigger for it.

Hope this helps!


nice to meet you
This monster is quite a formidable enemy for ice-attribute LBGs that don’t have armor-piercing high-explosive shells.
The avoidance method will also change depending on the starting distance.

  • For short and medium distances
    After firing all the normal bullets and reloading, bone fragments will come, so just dodge from the side. (In my case avoid to the right)
    After that, it will roll, so deal with it with SP bullets. Shoot all the bullets.(In order to avoid the invincibility time, pull it to the limit and shoot.)
    Shoot all the bullets reload, and shoot two slashing bullets at the tail (the third bullet tends to hit the head, so dodge to the side and shoot at the leg)

  • For long distance
    After firing all the normal bullets and reloading, it will rotate, so just shoot shotgun bullets. Evade if you can just dodge in the second rotation, SP if you can’t (same as above until the slashing bullet)

  • The following improvisation

  1. Sleeping gas attack…shot into the break parts
  2. Sweeping with the jaw… After dodging backwards, just dodge with the bone fragments (side avoidance) position towards the legs and aim to destroy the legs.
  3. Roar… As long as it’s not near the jaw, it’s OK, prepare for the next attack.
  4. Side rolling attack…The biggest difficulty, just evade by pulling it backwards (same as Banbaro’s wood attack)
  • If you succeed in destroying something, concentrate on that area.
    If you can make it fall and you have the time, aim for the head.

Although it is in Japanese, I have posted a weapon damage chart.
Damage by weapon

legiana lbg has an unfortunate combination of scattering bullets and slashing bullets, which makes it extremely incompatible with this monster.
Reference: In the case of 8 stars, the damage to the torso and legs is about 5000 and parts are destroyed, and the head is over 9000.

If the grade is high (from 9.5 or above), you can almost certainly take down the enemy at the timing of SP shots(SP shots to the head were impossible), and it will also be effective against Zinogre, Diablos and Coral Pukei-Pukei . Let’s grow it patiently.
I hope you can destroy the head part and defeat him.


Thanks! The dodging method is something i wanted to look into. I always dodge to the left of that first swing+bone atk, but maybe i should be going right instead.

And yes the ammo type is definitely awkward. I may try the jho weapons once i get it up


If you see the player as yourself,
It’s just a matter of experience, but dodge to the side = hit and erase the judgment. (Pukepuke’s tongue attack) Rathalos’ flame, etc.
Avoid backwards. Leave an afterimage of yourself and use that judgment as a just evasion judgment. That’s what it feels like. (Judgment is for one person. The following are damage targets)
I can’t take videos, so I’d appreciate it if you could do a small workaround.

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YOU are my friend!

Just updating. Ive finally got past it and through the rest so now unlocked 9* :slight_smile:

As lbg i do still dodge left, but now i do it after initial normal shot, and before reload. I think the timings become faster so i adjust abit. I still get hit by bone sometimes. But if i can get past that first hit im usually good for the rest of the fight!