Anyone have reach 9* monsters? is it worth the difficulty, or should I just stay at 8*?

I wonder if I should tryhard to clear this Black diablos + deviljho, or should I keep staying at 8*.

I was thinking of progressing, but I have no idea if the rarity 6 drops will be higher or the same with 8*.

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You may have already noticed that when you unlock higher difficulty levels, the average strength of the monsters on the field also increases.

If your intention is to farm R6 drops from the field monsters, would you rather:

  1. Stay on 8-star map and hunt those few 8-star monsters on the field?
  2. Move on to 9-star map and get more 8-stars to hunt?

I recommend to beat the Black diablos + deviljho due to get more 8* pop in the field.

you may not beat the 9* after the clear story but you will get more chance for rare 6 items after beat the Black diablos + deviljho


Just like people above me said. If you are confident you can take down every 8 :star: monster in the game, go for the clear, it will increase your map :star: by 1 when done so

Otherwise don’t push, plug your favourite gem farm monster onto palico tracker and go to town