What is your item storage limit currently?

I am up to 7☆ and constantly having to juggle item storage with my limit at 7750. I would prefer not putting anymore money into the game with the way updates have been lately so was curious what other players have for an item storage limit?

I basically have zero room for Monster Bone and Iron Ore to get up to a healthy stockpile. Are there any items not worth keeping an abundance of? I don’t “main” one weapon, I use all of them (except Sword and Shield), so I am upgrading a lot of different sets for elemental coverage but always run into being short of the aforementioned basic materials.

I charged and increased the box capacity to the max. But it still overflows over capacity

It is impossible to answer definitively which material should be kept, since it depends on the person.
The reason for this is that different people have different types and grades of equipment.