Release Information (V63) 10/17 JST

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This article contains the main release information for v63 released on 2023/10/17 JST. Please note that not all updates are covered.

Last Update: 2023/10/17

  • Party members’ avatars are now displayed in the field.
  • Criteria for party disbandment has been changed. After creating a party, if no hunts take place for a certain period, a “Disband Party” confirmation will appear.
  • Favorites feature has been introduced. When you register an equipment you want to forge, upgrade or overgrade as a favorite, the materials necessary for this equipment will be highlighted accordingly.
  • Ease of locking on with the “Lock-On” skill during hunts has been adjusted.
  • Effects have been added for when skills like “Poison Resistance” and “Paralysis Resistance” activate during a hunt.
  • When you are down and don’t have any recovery items left, you can now purchase a Potion and use it immediately (please note that the timer keeps running during the purchase process).
  • In the confirmation screen for starting a hunt with low health, you can now use recovery items.
  • The number of nearby hunters in the Hunt Preparation Menu for Urgent Quests is no longer displayed.
  • Design of certain Hunter Medals and the UI have been changed in the Hunter Medal details screen.
  • Position of the close button has been adjusted.
  • When receiving First-Aid Meds at the shop and exceeding the maximum possession amount, a confirmation screen will now appear.

The maximum possession amount for First-Aid Meds is 10. Please note that any extras will be discarded.

  • Skill ‘Special Boost’ not activated for Longsword.
  • Discrepancy in monster’s ★(star) amount when joining Group Hunts in response to “Join hunt!” invitations.
  • AR Camera: display issues when placing or repositioning monsters.
  • The time required to regain Health may be reduced under certain conditions.
  • “Last Stand” description in Italian/Descrizione modificata: “ultimo attacco”