Release Information (V61) 23/9/20 JST update

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This article contains the main release information for v61 released on 2023/9/20 JST. Please note that not all updates are covered.

Last Update: 2023/9/20

Main Menu

  • When you have 0 Potions, you can now purchase 5 of them at once under “Items” on the Main Menu or in the Hunt Preparation Screen.
  • Messages for the speed restriction will no longer be displayed outside of the Main Screen.


  • The UI has been updated. “Special” tab includes Daily Quests and Quests for upcoming events.


  • The icon for First Aid Med has been updated.


  • Pre-registration rewards are now available for claim. (Requires updating the app to the latest version)
  • Issue Title: In some cases, hunters may receive multiple instances of damage from certain attacks by Paolumu and Legiana.
  • Issue: Palico marks Monsters during a hunt on the field
  • Issue Title: When returning to the Main Menu after marking a monster with a Paintball, the monster may remain visible.
  • Issue Title: Error displayed when trying to claim Gems from Release Celebration Pass.
  • Issue Title: Some Android devices become unresponsive when pressing the “X” button and the device’s back button simultaneously on the Hunter Menu
  • Issue Title: Back key may not function or may cause the app to go back to the device’s home screen on specific screens
  • Issue Title: Some of Tobi-Kadachi’s hitboxes are inactive during its Tail Slam attack.
  • Issue: Delay in the display of the friend invitation code upon reaching Hunter Rank 6.