10/5 JST Server Update Information: 10/5 JST サーバーリリース情報

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メイン画面からハンターアイコンをタップ後、 [フレンド] - [フレンドを追加] をタップし、招待コード入力欄に招待コードを入力してください。






・ペイントボールリストから狩猟を行おうとした際にネットワークエラー 6-4が出る



Thank you for playing Monster Hunter Now!

This article contains the main release information for server release on 2023/10/5. Please note that not all updates are covered.

Referral code input is now available within 72 hours of creating an account.

Tap the Hunter icon from the Main screen, then tap “Friends” - “Add Friend” and enter the Referral code in the Referral Code field.

  • Please note the Referral code field will not be shown after 72 hours have passed.

As announced in the “Known Issues” category on October 4th JST, we are currently working on fixing the following issues…

  • Skill “Recoil Down” does not take effect until the first reload is performed when using the Light Bowgun
  • Skill “Reload Speed” does not take effect during the first reload when using the Light Bowgun
  • Network Error 6-4 occurs when attempting to initiate a hunt from the Paintball List.
  • Charge may unintentionally be preserved when using the Bow

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please see “Known Issues” for details and other Known Issues.